The Missions’ work is focused on the four pillars that are fundamental to creating social, political and economic empowerment for women: Education, Entrepreneurship, Government and Philanthropy.

To develop collaborative partnerships between universities in both countries with a focus on creating more opportunities for female students and educators by fostering student and faculty exchanges, scholarship and internship opportunities and providing mentorship to the women’s academic community.

To support, educate, guide, mentor and empower women entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial students and greater business communities in order to facilitate business partnerships and collaborations between women-led businesses in both countries.

To gain better understanding of the political landscape and issues affecting women, foster a dialogue between various government and non-government institutions and to provide further support for their initiatives and programs.

To provide continuous support to women and children affected by poverty through non-profit organizations like Children’s Hope India, Inc., dedicated to providing healthcare and education services to the most impoverished communities.